Previously published writing, analysis, and content that can only be categorized as other.

Opinion: Why millennials shouldn't buy a house now — or maybe ever

For The Globe and Mail, I talk about why millennials (Canadian ones in particular) should rethink their attitude towards buying a house and argue that public policy should better support renting. Produced & released, May 2017.


A Chat with Jagmeet Singh, the Incredibly Well-Dressed Rising Star in Canadian Politics

I interviewed then NDP MPP (now federal NDP leader) Jagmeet Singh for GQ. The interview was the subject of discussion in Canadian news and current affairs programming. The piece has also been mentioned in and discussed by international news media. Photos & interview published, February 2017.

Campaign Photography - Jagmeet Singh NDP Leadership Campaign

Amateur photographer for leadership campaign as candidate tour handler from May 2017 to October 2017. Photos seen on Instagram and used elsewhere on social media and news media.


We Asked the Conservative Leadership Candidates to Make Us Playlists

During the Conservative Party of Canada’s federal leadership race, I asked all the candidates what would be on their 10-song playlist for VICE. Release of this piece coincidentally coincided with the Drake’s release of Drake’s More Life playlist. Content produced & published, March 2017.


From Nurses to Nannies: Filipina Women and Canada’s Live-in Caregiver Program

A short analysis written for the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada on the gendered and labour dynamics of Filipinx migration to Canada. This piece has been cited in academic work on transnationalism and labour. Published as part of the APF’s “National Conversation on Asia,” June 2013.


Manila 411

A short post for the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada on the transnational characteristics of telecommunications workers employed by Canadian companies. This piece was used in the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s Philippine Heritage supplemental curriculum (PASSOC). Published as part of the APF’s “National Conversation on Asia,” May 2013.

An Unpaid Act, One Year Later

I spoke to Nathalie Berger and David Leo Hyde. The two grabbed international headlines last year when David became "Unpaid UN Intern Sleeps in Tent by Lake Geneva". The story was meant to bring attention to the problems of growing unpaid internships in Summer 2015. One year later, the story still lingers but last summer's headlines obscure the facts. What's their story? Podcast self-produced in New York City during my own unpaid United Nations internship and published, August 2016.


Remembering Rob Ford, the Joke That Left Toronto Hanging

Obituary piece for GQ on the passing of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, and the implications of his political career. Written and published, March 2016.

Opinion: 'I have three degrees. Why am I delivering your lunch?'

I spoke to The Globe and Mail about having three university degrees and advanced work experience, but still encountering difficulties in finding a good job. Highlighting the precarity of the labour market for young people, I worked as a bike courier delivering food in Toronto. I suggest that banning unpaid internships could be a first step to solving millennial issues with underemployment. Produced and published, March 2017.


Why the Philippines Loves Rodrigo Duterte

Analysis for GQ on the strength of Rodrigo Duterte’s popularity as President of the Philippines, and forewarning for the United States. Written and published, September 2016.


The Conflict in Sabah and Southeast Asia’s Inherent Transnationalism

Analysis for the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada pointing to the 2013 Lahad Datu conflict as one flashpoint in a centuries-long conflict at the periphery of Southeast Asian “nation states". Poverty and conflict are commonplace along border regions of maritime Southeast Asian countries due to the incompatibility of the land-based Westphalian states system in a maritime region, where borders are porous, not well-defined, and established by foreign colonial powers. Researched, written, and published, July 2013.


Counterpoint: Canada Is Not That Dope

My first for GQ, written amidst the growing prospect of a Trump presidency and the ritual thread of Americans “moving to Canada” if election results are not as desired. “Maple Washing” Canada became prevalent among American liberals during this time, but it’s pretty easy to poke holes, even small jokey ones, into this image. Published, March 2016.

Intern Nation

I got the chance to speak with Ross Perlin, author of the book Intern Nation: How to Earn Nothing and Learn Little in the Brave New Economy which analyzed the rise of internships in the modern workplace. Ross was at the UN on a panel for the launch of the UN's 2016 World Youth Report. What political changes need to happen in order to fix this phenomena afflicting the millennial labour market? Podcast self-produced in New York City during my own unpaid United Nations internship and published, July 2016.