Back on this BS (blogging substantially).  In this iteration of the thesis graveyard and hot take repository you will probably also find personal essays, 🌊deep thoughts🌊, and original content memes from 2018 onwards. You may also find old things I've dug up from the old Wordpress site (but certainly not all of the old stuff hoo boy a lot of that was not good).

From 2016 to 2017, faced with millennial underemployment and personal restlessness, I wrote a lot about things that 3rd year poli sci students might find profound and somehow some of it ended up in The Globe and Mail, GQ (fka Gentlemen's Quarterly Magazine), and VICE among other places. 

Words here will have been informed by my previously being:

  • a binder pushing bureaucrat;

  • a political aide/partisan hack;

  • a desperate freelancer behind on paying the bills;

  • a super-fit but bicycle food delivery guy that almost got killed on the streets every week or so and was sometimes paid below minimum wage;

  • an unpaid intern in Manhattan;

  • a grad student in Berlin that spent too much time in die Kneipe;

  • a grad student in Tokyo that spent too much time at のみほだい;

  • in undergrad without a clue about how to do academia but really into reading the history and poli sci syllabi;

  • super emo in a band once;

  • really into mecha anime.